art from earlier these past weeks„,


my oc who is 2 cute„„


Sexuality is fluid

you are permitted a maximum of one 3.4 oz (100 ml) bottle of sexuality per passenger, all bottles must be carried inside a ziplock bag and placed in a bin for inspection prior to boarding the aircraft


raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl


mom i dont wanna go to school i dont feel good

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Sebastian Stan in Political Animals (1x01) - Pilot 

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you just make me feel so alive

Help. I want to overdose.


You want to overdose? Rent a funny movie and overdose on laughter. Read a mystery book and overdose on suspense. Buy yourself a tub of ice cream and overdose on sugar. Visit a pet store or an animal shelter and overdose on love. Make yourself an amazing playlist and overdose on music. Bathe in the sun and overdose on vitamin D. Go to the gym and overdose on endorphins. Go to a museum and overdose on art. 

Let me know how that goes.

daily reminder to my girlfriend that she’s amazing and so so so beautiful

I’m in a blanket fort again tonight, this is so relaxing tbh, I love it. now if only I could share it w/ my girlfriend

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friendly reminder that your eyes are very preetty

here’s my blanket fort ( with Patches making an appearance )